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Discover some of the most iconic works of English Literature and explore the worlds in which they were written

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History of Recorded Sound

From the beginnings of recorded sound and beyond, discover some introductory articles from the British Library.

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Treasures of the British Library

A selection of ten of the finest literary treasures from our collections

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Wilde, the web and the world

Explore the life, work and literary legacy of Oscar Wilde.

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London in Literature

Explore the diverse ways in which writers have portrayed the city of London

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Crime and Crime Fiction

Why was crime such a popular subject in 19th-century fiction?

Themes 6/9

Childhood and Children's Literature

The story of the development of children's literature

Themes 7/9

English Literature in Translation

The journey of some of the most iconic works of English literature to China.

Themes 8/9

Where Great Writers Gather: Treasures of the British Library

Learn about the iconic works of five great writers through the literary treasures at the British Library

Themes 9/9

In Mu Xin's words: Treasures of the British Library

Introducing and exploring the four iconic works on display at Mu Xin Art Museum

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44 of the most iconic works of English literature

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32 of the most famous authors of the English language

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93 of the illuminating articles

Chinese and British

British Library | 2022/11/18 - 2023/04/23

Free exhibition exploring British Chinese communities and culture opens at the British Library and in public libraries across the UK.

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