Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf

Pseudonym: Adeline Virginia Stephen (née) Born: 25/01/1882 Died: 28/03/1941 Gender: Female Occupation: Novelist, Essayist and Publisher

Virginia Woolf is recognised as one of the most innovative writers of the 20th century. Perhaps best known as the author of Mrs Dalloway (1925) and To the Lighthouse (1927), she was also a prolific writer of essays, diaries, letters and biographies. Influenced by seminal writers and artists of the period such as Marcel Proust, Igor Stravinsky and the Post-Impressionists, Woolf’s work explores key modernist motifs, including the subconscious, time, the city and the impact of modern warfare. Her ground-breaking ‘stream of consciousness’ technique enabled her to portray the interior lives of her characters and to depict the montage-like nature of perception.

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