D H Lawrence

D H Lawrence

出生: 11 September 1885 逝世: 2 March 1930 性别: Male 职业: Novelist, poet, dramatist and essayist

D H Lawrence was born in 1885 near Nottingham in the English Midlands, the son of a coal-miner. From these humble origins he became one of the foremost English novelists of his generation. His work is notable for its celebration of the body, but there is also a strong spiritual element to his outlook. Above all he rejected the obsession with material progress of modern western civilisation. He became notorious for his banned novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover, written a few years before his death in 1930, but his greatest works are the novels written just prior to and during the First World War: Sons and Lover, The Rainbow and Women in Love. He was also an outstanding poet, dramatist and essayist.

照片来源: English author D H Lawrence (1885 - 1932) reading a book at his desk. Original Artwork: By Elliott & Fry. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


D H Lawrence’s The Rainbow

英文标题: The Rainbow 出版日期: 1915 创建: 1913-1915 格式: Novel 文学时期: 20th Century 了解该作品