William Blake

William Blake

出生: 28/11/1757 逝世: 12/08/1827 性别: Male 职业: poet and painter

William Blake is famous today as a visionary poet, painter, engraver and mystic. But his work, especially his poetry, was largely ignored during his own lifetime and took many years to gain widespread appreciation. Much in demand as an engraver, he experimented with combining poetry and image in a printing process he invented himself in 1789. Among the spectacular works of art this produced were ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’, ‘Visions of the Daughters of Albion’, ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’.

照片来源: William Blake by Thomas Phillips © National Portrait Gallery, London


The Notebook of William Blake

英文标题: The Notebook of William Blake 出版日期: 1787–1818 创建: 1787–1818 格式: Poetry collection 文学时期: Romantic 类型: Romantic poetry 了解该作品