Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Born: 13/11/1850 Died: 03/12/1894 Gender: Male Period: Victorian Occupation: Novelist, poet, travel writer

Robert Louis Stevenson was one of the most celebrated British writers of the late Victorian period. He was educated in Edinburgh in Scotland, the beloved son of strictly religious parents who expected him to follow in the family tradition of engineering (the Stevensons built lighthouses). Instead, Stevenson, in persistent ill health throughout his life from a weakness of the lungs, followed an unorthodox literary career, writing in very different genres and styles (poetry, drama, children’s fiction, essays, historical novels, travelogues and Gothic horror) while travelling the world in search of a climate where he might live. Although much celebrated by London literary society, he actually spent very little time there and eventually settled on the island of Samoa, in the South Seas, in 1889, where he died of a haemorrhage in 1894.

Image source: The Illustrated London News © The British Library Board

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