Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion

See inside the mind of Leonardo through his extraordinary notebooks.

PACCAR 2 Gallery
The British Library
96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DB
开始: 2019/06/07 结束: 2019/09/08
£ 7(Concession ticket available)

To mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, we bring together highlights from three of his remarkable notebooks. Through pages of Leonardo’s handwritten notes, drawings and diagrams, prepare to explore the inner workings of his complex mind and his fascination with motion – which Leonardo considered to be ‘the cause of all life’.

For the first time in the UK, the exhibition displays highlights from one of the British Library’s finest treasures, the Codex Arundel, alongside the Codex Forster from the V&A and a selection of sheets from the Codex Leicester. Widely considered to be one of Leonardo’s most important scientific notebooks, the Codex Leicester will be shown in this country for the first time since it was purchased by Bill Gates.

See Leonardo’s mirror handwriting up close, marvel at his detailed studies of natural phenomena, especially water, admire his intricate drawings of such things as an underwater breathing apparatus, and study his observations on subjects as varied as the formation of waves and air bubbles, river flow, the velocity of wind, and the nature of light and shadow.

As your journey through the exhibition concludes, studies for Leonardo’s famous painting, the Virgin of the Rocks, reveal how his observations of nature in motion directly informed his ability to portray human movement in the artistic masterpieces for which he is known today.

Scientist. Inventor. Artist. Gain an insight into the workings of Leonardo’s enquiring mind and follow his tireless pursuit of knowledge at Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion.

In partnership with Automobili Pininfarina -an Italian design and luxury brand creating the world’s first pure-electric, zero-emissions hypercar. The spirit of innovation is celebrated by Automobili Pininfarina, and we are privileged to honour a true master – Leonardo da Vinci – at the British Library’s A Mind in Motion exhibition.